da m p is an online experience of poetry through digital environments. Created through the marriage of content and context, story and book, poem and website, the poetic experience is as much in reading as it is in clicking and scrolling. The value of a colour may exceed that of a word. All poems (except Charlie) were written and submitted by friends and are credited below.

Damp is a project conceived and designed by Mackenzie Davidson and Peter Li, developed in collaboration with Theresa Ma, featuring work by Theodore Fox, Susie Kim, and Ben Milligan.

Not meant for mobile viewing.



1 (Charlie) is by Peter Li (written by Denis Johnson)
2 (You Go Down To The River) is by Theodore Fox
3 (Pillar) is by Susie Kim
4 (Product) is by Peter Li
5 (Bored) is by Ben Milligan
6 (Night Sounds) is by Mackenzie Davidson


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